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– I have submitted my application, is there anything that I can edit now that its been submitted?

Below is a list of items that you can edit after your application has been submitted.

Personal Information

  • Contact Information: address information
  • Infractions if the prior selection was “No”

Academic History

  • High School attended
  • College Attended: Add new colleges and degrees, edits to “In Progress” colleges
  • Transcript Entry: New coursework for any new colleges, new terms for any colleges, edits to planned/in progress coursework


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Supporting Information

  • Test scores: Add new test scores, edit planned tests
  • Evaluations/References: add new if max not reached, edit to existing if evaluation has not been received
  • Achievements, Licenses, Experiences

Program Materials

  • If a new program is selected by the applicant, all sections for that program are editable.

Additional Questions?

For questions regarding the 2017-2018 applicant cycle please see the New Application Cycle FAQs.

Please refer to the NursingCAS Applicant Help Center.