Academic Update Launch

The final Academic Update (AU) for the 2016-2017 NursingCAS Cycle started on May 30, 2017 and goes until July 25, 2017. You can begin the Academic Update only after your NursingCAS application has been verified. You can update your grades and send in new transcripts.

All applications verified for at least one program on or before May 30, 2017 will become eligible for the Academic Update. The Academic Update window allows you to change any ”Planned/In-Progress” coursework sessions to ”Completed”, so that updated NursingCAS GPAs can be calculated. You may also enter any newly ”Planned/In-Progress” coursework. Remember, you cannot make modifications to courses that were originally reported to NursingCAS as completed. NursingCAS permits applicants to report grades only one time during the Academic Update period. Follow the instructions for Academic Update below to make modifications to the Academic History section of your application. After you submit the changes in your application and send updated transcripts to NursingCAS, your new grades will be verified and a new GPA will be calculated.

Your new GPA and coursework information will be sent to the programs to which you have applied in electronic format. NursingCAS cannot make any updates for your programs until you:

  1. Enter or edit all of your updated coursework (completed and in-progress) in your NursingCAS application.
  2. Submit your updated application to NursingCAS.
  3. Send all of your updated transcripts by mail directly to NursingCAS.

After receipt of your updated entries and transcript(s) reflecting new grades earned, NursingCAS will verify course information you entered is correct and a new GPA will be calculated. To request updated transcripts, print the NursingCAS Transcript Matching Form and send it with your request to your registrar’s office(s). To access the form, login to your application and select the Transcript Matching Form from the Colleges Attended section under Academic History. The registrar should attach the NursingCAS Transcript Matching Form to a sealed official copy of your transcript and forward it directly to:

NursingCAS Transcript Processing Center

P.O. Box 9201

Watertown, MA 02471

Please use the following steps to update your academic course grades:

  1. Log on to your NursingCAS application and open the Academic History section.
  2. Update any degree information under your Colleges Attended section
  3. Navigate to transcript entry and click “Edit” under the school that you wish to update courses at.
  4. Click the Blue Edit pencil next to the term.
  5. Click the blue edit pencil next to each course individually.
  6. Un-check the box that says In-progress/Planned. This will allow you to add the credits and grades for the courses.
  7. Add in the grades and credits for your new courses. Then individually click save next to each course.
  8. Once you have saved the individual courses click “Save” under the term information.
  9. Once the term is saved as Completed the applicant will need to click “Save and Exit at the top of the page.”
  10. In order to submit your Academic Update for verification you will need to Review and finalize again. At the end of the Review and Finalize process you will see the below screen. To submit your updates to NursingCAS please click the “Submit My Updates” button at the end of the review and finalize process. Please note applicants are only able to submit their Academic Update ONCE during the AU period.

Reminder: You will need to send all the required transcripts to NursingCAS to process your Academic Update. NursingCAS cannot process any updates until all transcripts are received.

NursingCAS is not responsible for admissions decisions for applicants who fail to e-submit their Academic Update courses to NursingCAS.

If you have any questions, please call NursingCAS Customer Service at (617) 612-2880 or email us at

Thank you,

NursingCAS Customer Service

Reminder: If your application is Undelivered, please make the changes and re-submit by going to the Manage My Programs page and then click on the Program Status tab. You will find the Resubmit button in that section!
If you have any questions, please contact the NursingCAS Customer Service Team:
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*When contacting via email, please include your full name and NursingCAS ID#.