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We are thrilled you have decided to join the NursingCAS community. As you and your colleagues do important work to shape the future of nursing by selecting the best candidates to enroll in your programs, we are confident that NursingCAS will be a vital asset to help you manage your application and admissions process.

To submit your participation agreement via PDF, please download the form here.

On behalf of my school, I hereby agree to participate in NursingCAS and agree to abide by the NursingCAS policies and procedures. Our school understands that participation requires the following:

  • NursingCAS will allow schools to customize their listing and requirements on a per program basis. The customizable options include program name, open date, deadline date, term and year of entry, delivery, transcript requirements, transcript entry requirements, document uploads, custom questions, background image, reference requirements, prerequisite coursework requirements, and descriptive text/instructions. The bolded items are required to be configured by the school.
  • Once my school configures requirements for a program on NursingCAS and it opens on the application, those configurations (with the exception of homepage text, banner image, open date and deadline date) cannot be edited after it is approved and published.
  • Once my school opens up a program to applicants on NursingCAS, my school cannot withdraw from NursingCAS until that program(s) deadline date has been reached.
  • Schools can add nursing programs and extend deadlines at will, as long as they fall with the NursingCAS cycle dates.
  • Once my school publishes a program live on NursingCAS, any applicant who applies will be honored by my school and an admissions decision will be made (at your school’s discretion) on any applicant that does apply via NursingCAS.
  • To access applications submitted via NursingCAS to my school’s programs, users from my school must log into WebAdMIT, the web-based admissions software for NursingCAS. Schools are responsible for maintaining user access, setting up user rights on WebAdMIT, and monitoring applicant activity.
  • The NursingCAS/WebAdMIT staff will provide ongoing training and support to school users as requested via phone and web. The NursingCAS customer service team will provide ongoing support to applicants via phone, email, and social media channels.
  • Applicants must pay the NursingCAS fee in order to submit their application and materials through NursingCAS to be considered by programs they have selected.
  • If an applicant initiates an application via NursingCAS to your school’s nursing program(s) then they must submit via NursingCAS and your school is not allowed to direct applicant(s) to apply to your nursing program through an outside application method or tool to use in lieu of NursingCAS.
  • My school will complete required forms and surveys during the application cycle.
  • My school will adhere to the “in-progress” applicant usage policy outlined below.
Usage Policy

Full access to “In Progress” applicant data is viewable to users in WebAdMIT. It is permissible to export the NursingCAS applicant data into your internal university systems for the purpose of recruitment efforts and admissions workflow processes ONLY. NursingCAS prohibits any college or university from making an offer to an applicant before they have submitted their application through NursingCAS.  Applicants generated to your program via NursingCAS are required to submit their application via NursingCAS should they wish to be considered for admission. The NursingCAS staff reserves the right to deactivate your listing on the application, restrict your access to the system, and withdraw your school from participation should we find that you are in violation of this usage agreement.


Schools reserve the right to withdraw participation from NursingCAS for any or all program(s) posted on NursingCAS. Should a school decide to voluntarily withdraw from NursingCAS, the primary contact for your school must sign and date a NursingCAS Voluntary Withdrawal Form and complete an exit survey. You will need to notify AACN’s NursingCAS Director, Caroline Kane, at 202-463-6930 x258 or of your decision. Schools cannot officially withdraw from NursingCAS until they complete a posted program’s application cycle, once the deadline arrives, schools can then deactivate their program listing should they choose to withdraw and will continue to have access to any submitted applications via WebAdMIT, the admissions software for NursingCAS.

If you understand and wish to continue on to participate in NursingCAS, join using the button below.

Participation in NursingCAS is free and voluntary to accredited schools of nursing. New schools are on-boarded to NursingCAS every month. The designated primary contact at your school will be responsible for setting up your school’s program listing on the application. And you will be able to customize program-specific admissions requirements (transcripts, coursework entry, custom questions, essay, references and document needs) and branding for your nursing program’s listing on the application.

If you would like to learn more about implementing NursingCAS, then schedule a call with Caroline Kane, AACN’s NursingCAS Director, at 202-463-6930 ext. 258 or


NursingCAS is the centralized application service for students applying to nursing programs at participating schools nationwide. This service is administered by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) and its partner, Liaison International, the leader in centralized application services for the health professions.


NursingCAS is open to accredited nursing programs. Programs that are eligible to participate are those that grant RN diplomas, associate, baccalaureate, master’s, or doctoral degrees in nursing. Programs must have or must be seeking accreditation from the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE), the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN), or the Commission for Nursing Education Accreditation (CNEA). If a program has new applicant status or is currently seeking accreditation from CCNE, ACEN, or CNEA, then AACN will decide whether or not and at what point that program will be eligible to participate in NursingCAS. Additionally, programs that have accreditation from the Council on Accreditation of Nurse Anesthesia Educational Programs or the Accreditation Commission for Midwifery Education are eligible to participate. Participation is also open to non-AACN member schools.


There is no cost to schools to participate in NursingCAS and process applications through the service. Applicants are charged a nominal fee to submit an application via NursingCAS.